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Refinance Your
Student Loans

DRB’s refinance / consolidation student loan interest rates are lower than
other national brands

How Much Could You Save?

Our customers will save $20,200+ over the life of their loan on average.

  • Low rates
    Low rates

    Refinance up to 100% of outstanding
    Federal and private loans at super low rates.

  • No fees*
    No Fees*

    No origination fees.
    No prepayment penalties.

  • More options

    Fixed rate or variable with rate cap.
    Terms from 5-20 years.

  • Unemployment assistance

    Forbearance for short term economic hardship.

Female Graduate School Student

“I am so pleased with DRB. At any point during the application process I was able to connect with a DRB professional. My DRB loan has reduced my monthly obligation by almost half. I was able to extend the maturity… while locking in more favorable rates and releasing my guarantor.”

Samantha C, MBA, Columbia ‘13
Male Graduate School Student

“Refinancing my student loans with DRB was one of the best financial decisions I have made. The DRB staff was there for me every step of the way. I will end up saving tens of thousands over the life of my loan.”

Nicholas B, DO, Still ‘11